What time can I expect my delivery?

Anytime between 10am-2pm, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific time due to the large amount of orders. If you ordered for a special ocassion e.g. Christmas deliveries are between 10am-4pm.

Will I receive a notification that delivery is on the way?

Yes, you will receive an email notification that your box is ready for delivery.

Your website says its SOLD OUT, can I still order a box?

Unfortunately if its SOLD OUT, it means we are unable to accommodate you at this time.

The date I wanted is blocked out on the calendar, can I still place an order?

No, if the date is blocked out, it means we are either SOLD OUT or not working that day.

Can we pick up?

Not during lockdown, as we are minimising the exposure in our community.

Can you do special requests?

We usually do however in the interest of our community during lockdown we are minimising our movements in the community. Special request boxes require us to visit extra shops, which we are not prepare to risk.

I want to change the address on my order, is that ok?

Yes, email us ASAP. Please DO NOT send a message through Instagram or Facebook, we will not see it in time. 

Can you just leave the box at the front of the house?

NO! We are in the high risk category and safety is our priority. Someone must be home to receive delivery.